Private Mansion

Private Mansion

We do more than standard events. For us, every moment of life is unique, that's why we built the Private Mansion.

What is the Private Mansion?

It’s that place near Bucharest, where a group of friends can find peace (or be noisy, depending on their preferences) where a group of friends can organize the most beautiful birthday party of their life, where future newlyweds can enjoy the last night as bachelors or simply the place where people can relax and unwind. We are hosting all kinds of events so if you want a funky party, an unforgettable Barbecue, a unique team building and any ideas you might have, you can put them into practice with us. 2000 square meters are at your disposal, of which 500 square meters indoors and a generous pool area.

When can you organize events at the Private Mansion?

Anytime! Whether the clouds are pouring on the city or bury it in snow, weather the asphalt is roasting under the scorching sun, at Private Mansion you can find exactly what you need: sometimes a mulled wine to warm you up, sometimes a cool pool and a colorful cocktail to escape from the overheating city.