Organizing a corporate party. Useful advices

Corporate parties can be better or worse. Very often, the organizing mission falls under the responsibility of an employee who simply doesn’t know what to do with such a challenge and ignores some of the most important factors.

That's why we tried to create a small guide to help the organizers and give them the tips for a successful party.

What are the key factors to have a successful corporate party?

1) The place. The wrong choice of place is the irremediable mistake that will be immediately noticed by all employees. Many organizers choose a wedding restaurant, considering that a successful party is similar to an event of this kind. Such a restaurant, however, imposes a certain formality and doesn’t make employees feel at ease. It is much more appropriate to have a great place, away from the city's excitement, which contains sufficient relaxation spaces and possibly a swimming pool. Surely, everyone will be happy.

Still, when talking about a place for a party, we also need to take into consideration the available space which is ideal to be big enough to host all the invites without being too crowded.

2) Drinks and food. The same rule is valid here. It is preferable to avoid the wedding menu. It is best to count on a Swedish buffet, many grills and possibly an open bar for drinks, to provide flexibility.

3) Music. For a corporate party, the best music solution is a DJ  because the flexibility is great in terms of the genres proposed and the fun will be on the table. The sound, which must be strong enough and clear enough, must not be neglected. An important rule says it takes 10Watts for each person if the party takes place in an indoor space.

4) The budget. Corporate parties often get stuck into the budget area. It has to be calculated perfectly from the beginning and it is good to balance all the essential points, so there are no situations where there is no more money for water, napkins or toilet paper.